Insured & Established Reflexology by Ashley Ward GJC (Dip reflex)


Why Reflexology?

Systems of the body can easily be thrown out of balance by a wide variety of factors that include prolonged illness, stress, long working hours and diet.

Reflexology works to ease the resulting imbalances brought on by these external influences, by applying pressure on specific points of the feet to influence the health of corresponding parts of the body.


This helps the body to identify problematic areas and begin the process of self-healing, to ensure vital body functions are working to their full potential.


Ashley upholds professional standards and ethics at all times, has thirteen years of experience as a qualified reflexologist, and is fully insured.


Working at his therapy studio in Lampeter town centre,  Ashley gives his relaxing and effective reflexology sessions in a comfortable and professional environment. The studio is located on the first floor at 46 High Street, Lampeter.


"Reflexology with Ashley ended my I.B.S misery after only a few sessions, and I felt the effects for over 6 months after ceasing treatment."


Ms S Williams

"My GP couldn't believe that my reflexologist knew about my undiagnosed thyroid condition before she did!"


Sarah Ward

"I found reflexology with Ashley both gentle and effective...very relaxing."


Mrs Lynne Williams

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