Spirit Guide Pencil Sketch ~ £35.00 Sarah creates each pencil drawing whilst connecting to the Spirit Guide energy that is around the intended recipient of the portrait. Once complete these drawings are photographed and delivered digitally to you via email or Facebook Messenger, alongside a brief explanation of the intuitive communication received through the drawing process, given by the Spirit Guide that has come forward to be drawn. Spirit Guide Painted Portrait ~ £85.00 The painted portraits are also created by connecting to the Spirit Guide energy around the recipient each time Sarah sits to paint. The painting process takes longer, and as a result Sarah is able to provide a more in-depth interpretation of the information that the Guide wishes to be made known to the recipient. Sarah crates a printed copy of the painting to send to you, beautifully presented in a folio alongside the written insights from your Spirit Guide. This is posted free of charge within the United Kingdom. Both portrait types are usually fulfilled within two weeks of receipt of payment, though at busy times there may be a longer wait. Feel free to enquire about current lead times via email. Commissioned portraits can be paid for via PayPal or bank transfer, and are non-refundable due to the customised nature of the work. The Portraits are not intended as a form of divination, psychic prediction or connection to departed spirit - they are created as a tool to enhance your spiritual connection to Self, and towards tapping into the unconditional, loving support network created by the working spirits around you.
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