“I enlarged the image so i was really absorbed in her face; I just let myself really feel her. What happened was that I felt so held, so unconditionally loved and supported. I do recognise her, like I’ve known her forever, but can’t remember where from. I feel SO SO totally loved by her. Like she’s got me, is holding me and is always with me.” -  H. Willow



“Woah, Sarah, this is incredible!! A HUGE thank you! It resonates huuuugely. This is so beautiful and appreciated. It was really cool to see how the message they brought through through you and the info in that image [received in meditation after] were intended to support me now.” - J. Tee



Woooooow! Made me emotional and gave me shivers all over - thanks so much.  He is AWESOME! Lots of people tell me how strong but gentle my guide is, and I keep being told that I’m an earth messenger so to hear you say that too is immense. That is one awesome gift you have!” - L. Nugent



“I received K; she's magnificent! Thank you so much Sarah, everything resonated deeply.”

- H. Riaz

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