"The best teacher anyone can be introduced to is their own Spirit Guide" Sarah's gift for Spirit Art developed unexpectedly as part of her spiritual development, and through this work she has come to realise that her spiritual purpose lies in introducing individuals to their Spirit Guides so they can experience this human lifetime knowing fully that they are unconditionally loved, guided and supported by Spirit. Gifting a Spirit Guide Portrait to a loved one is possibly one of the most supportive and long-lasting spiritual gifts you could give, and now it's even easier to do with a Spirit Guide Portrait gift voucher! Dancing Tree Spirit Guide Portrait Gift Voucher ~ £85.00 A printed Gift Voucher will be posted out to you (or direct to its recipient), and there is an 12 month expiry date on the voucher. Commissions will be added to the order books in the order they are received, not the order in which vouchers were purchased. Please specify the intended delivery address at Checkout if you're sending the gift directly to its recipient, or feel free to confirm this in an email after payment has been made.
sarah@dancingtree.co.uk | 07971 131076 Natural, Holistic Therapies at 46 High Street, Lampeter, Ceredigion