What is Distance Spiritual Healing?

Distance Healing is a natural method of energy transfer that can be done in person or, as in this case, without the recipient physically present. The healing energy originates not from the healer themselves, but is channelled through the healer’s connections with spirit and other Universal energies - this is very much the spiritual part of Spiritual Healing. The energy sources are secular, and suitable for all.

Sarah works spirit-led using Reiki, visualisation and the natural healing gift she nurtures through mediumship and meditation.
There is no risk of harm to you, but your consent is still an essential part of the process.

A healer is not a doctor or medical practitioner and therefore cannot diagnose or medically treat any specific illness. All clients are encouraged to seek competent medical help when those services are deemed necessary; trust in your ability to feel what your needs are.


How can it help me?

Sarah works with an uplifting energy that is aligned with your highest good - it can only ever benefit you in some way.


What does a Distance Spiritual Healing session physically entail?

All healers have specific ways of working, and Sarah is no different in this.

As a client you will be asked to allocate a few minutes to complete a client intake form at your convenience, and following this a suitable time for your healing will be arranged. You may choose to divulge details of what ails you, or you my withhold these so Sarah may work blindly.
At the time of your session, go ahead and make yourself comfortable in a seated or lying position in a quiet room in your home - somewhere you can be relaxed, safe and uninterrupted for twenty minutes or so whilst Sarah works remotely from her healing space.
There will be no form of physical communication as part of the session (no Zoom call or chat online); the act of resting in your comfortable space to accept the healing is all you will physically be asked to do. When you feel you are ready to resume activity, please do so. The healing energy will continue to be around you for as long as necessary, including when you are asleep or going about your daily business.


Will I feel anything during the Distance Healing session?

Everyone has different levels of sensitivity to energy changes around them, but a large proportion of clients to date have said they can feel a focus of energy at some point during their healing. Some of the reported sensations are a soft heat over certain areas, gentle vibration over certain areas, the perception of hands being placed on the head or shoulders, and seeing colours or visions. All these are normal, and not to be feared - feel free to share your experiences with me after via email.


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